As our farm has expanded so have our needs. The following are examples of supplies and equipment that would help us better meet the needs of our community.  

As our farm has expanded, so has the space we plant and harvest everyday is also expanding. We can work faster and plant more if we can move around the property faster.

E.g. Golf Cart with a bed or back seats that flip into a bed. Gator / Side-by-Side / UTV / ATV with bed. Mini-Truck with Bed.

We have a mechanic and mechanical aptitude, so we can deal with some issues. We can't afford to fix big problems or get a golf cart that needs batteries, but we'll at a look at anything.

Clear Cambro Camwear Containers for Harvested Greens, 9 in x 18 in x 26 in

Now that we harvest larger products and are harvesting and higher volumes we are up to 20 short of the food-grade containers we needed keep our greens refrigerated.

E.g. Container and Lid 

Our previous salad spinners are struggling with larger greens and higher volumes. We've looking for scale appropriate equipment.

E.g. Here & Here.

As we expand our production to additional greenhouse with limited labor, we need weed fabric so we can plant our tomatoes and cucumbers in our new greenhouses. The more heavy duty the better.

Available locally through or online Here

To maximize our greenhouse space and minimize strain on our volunteers and employees we try to use conveyors wherever possible. Any size considered, max load limit ~2,000lbs

Have something else you’d like to donate? Drop us a line at